What Are Flower Essences?

What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are natural remedies made from the petals of flowers, steeped in water under the sunlight. The flower essence practitioner removes the petals and adds a preservative, creating stock solution or Mother Tincture. Dosage bottles include a specific number of drops of the Mother Tincture, along with water and a preservative. Common peservatives are brandy and vinegar.

Flowers, cultivated with consciousness and skill or selected from pristine nature sites, are powerful healing agents. These flowers have unique healing patterns or signatures that support human healing on a variety of levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The skilled flower essence practitioner discerns the healing pattern of the flower through intuitive means, supported by observation, and validated through clinical application.

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How to Take Flower Essences?

Adults take flower essences orally, on or under the tongue. Children sometimes prefer taking them in water, and you can place the essence between the eyebrows of infants. The effect of the essence is subtle and accumulative, though some sensitive people notice changes immediately.

Flower essences provide support for women on their healing journey. As you transform, you transform your life.

It is helpful to journal about your experiences when you take flower essences. Besides the cathartic and clarifying effects of writing, you can gain insights into your subtle experiences and note occurrences you might otherwise overlook.